N. American Roadtrip

When I started dating Tristan, I always knew his dream was to live in Canada and become a dual citizen. He resided in Vancouver BC for a year in 2006 and frequented Whistler and Banff for seasonal snowboarding trips, so he was well informed and knew what to expect from the wonders of British Columbia.

We had been good friends since meeting in Barcelona during the summer of 2008 at Sonar, a multimedia arts and music festival. We instantly sparked and shared a common interest in dancing, design culture, techno and partying hard. Four years of friendship transformed into a relationship and I made the decision to embark on his adventure to Canada. I was eligible for a 2 year working holiday visa for a limited time, so it was essentially now or never. The decision did not come easy - I was leaving behind the start of my teaching career, and as the only born child, brought up singled handed by my Mum, I wasn't short of guilty feelings either.  After much back and forth thinking,  this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that would happen now or never.

Before the big move, Tristan decided to plan a N. American road trip that would give us the chance to dip our toes into Canada and the US. For anyone interested in doing their own road trip, I can't recommend it enough. As long as one of you can drive, Tristan had to be my chauffeur! The best thing in my opinion is to do a round trip with a return flight to a destination in mind.  In 2012, we flew to Toronto, Ontario and picked up a rental car at the airport. This would be our source of travel for the next 10 days before returning the rental car at Toronto Airport and flying home.